2018 ATIM Masters Award-winning artist Tinatin Vachnadze was born in Tbilisi, Georgia into a family of creators. She graduated from Academy of Arts with a Masters in Fine Arts and Fashion Design. Upon graduation, Tinatin participated in many shows and group exhibitions. 1999 proved to be a monumental year for her when she and her family moved from Tbilisi, Georgia to Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Within her first two years of moving, Tinatin was hired at a significant company of the art world. However, since 2002, she has become an independent artist with works featured in private collections and prestigious galleries across Europe and the United States.


"Having grown up in a family of creators, art has always been the window through which I interpret and understand the world. I try to put on canvas the depths and endlessness of the mind. My formal education collaborates with my interest in spirituality to influence the stylization and color selection prominent in my work. It is my main desire to provide maximum aesthetic pleasure to my audience and to touch the soul with human emotions familiar to all."